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2024 International Vegetable Culture Festival
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The Merit Times is a comprehensive news publisher founded in 2000 by Venerable Master Hsing Yun, founder of Fo Guang Shan. Since 2005 till now, The Merit Times has been organizing vegetarian expos under the guidance of relevant government units, upholding the spirit of "vegetarianism, environmental protection, and love for the earth," combining the 4D concept of "industry-government-academy-education," with the aim of creating the "most vegetarian-friendly environment."Through international collaboration, we have expanded our efforts globally, promoting the sustainable development of the vegetarian industry.

The "2024 International Vegetable Culture Festival-Joyous Vego Lifestyle"

will be held from May 10 to 13, 2024 in Taipei World Trade Center Exhibition Hall 1. In recent years, "vegetarianism, environmental protection, and carbon reduction" have become a focal point for society. With the theme of "Environmental and Spiritual Preservation," this year’s event aims to infuse sustainability into vegetarianism, aligning with the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The organizer has extended invitations to government agencies, members of Buddha's Light International Association (BLIA) in Taiwan, various religious groups, vegetarians, local and international plant-based health-conscious products companies to participate in the event, promoting a fresh and vibrant “Joyous Vego Lifestyle".

Exhibition date: 
10:00-18:00, May 10 (Friday) to 13 (Monday), 2024
Areas A and D, Hall 1 Calendars, Taipei World Trade Center
(No. 5, Sec. 5, Xinyi Rd., Xinyi Dist., Taipei City)
Guiding units:
Council of Agriculture, Executive Yuan,
Health Promotion Administration of Ministry of Health and Welfare
Exhibition theme

The main event of this exhibition is "2024 International vegetable culture festival-Joyous Vego Lifestyle". In addition to echoing the SDGs sustainable development goals of the United Nations, the theme of "Buddha's Purification", "Food and Agriculture Education", and "Sustainable Cultural Creation" aimes to attract the active participation of the public. The activities include 9 theme areas with 20 wonderful experience zones. The exhibition focuses on interactive experience, which will allow the customers to stop at each booth and enjoy the interesting theme activities on the booths. It will establish a dynamic image of "Joyous Vego Lifestyle". 

Theme of "2024 International vegetable culture festival-Joyous Vego Lifesty

Nine theme areas

22 experience activities


  1. Buddha's Birthday Prayer Area

1. Bathing the Buddha area

1. 5 Ming Dynasty ancient Buddha statues

2. Area to prostrate to the Buddha

2. Bathing the Buddha

  1. Fo Guang Shan Theme Area

1. Fo Guang Shan Cultural District

1. Fo Guang Shan publications, cultural displays

2. BLIA Exhibition Area

2. BLIA Activities

3. Fo Guang Shan Metaverse

3. Metaverse, New Concepts, New Interactions

4. Fo Guang Shan Water drop teahouse area

4.Fo Guang Shan Water drop teahouse area

  1. Religious Cultural Relics Area

1. Religious cultural relic area

1. Traditional art, religious relics

2. Energy boutique area

2. Energy supplies, religious supplies

  1. Fashionable Vegetable Area

1. Merit-Times vegetable area

1. Vegetable food factory

2. Household goods area

2. Life and household goods store

3. International Fashion District

3. International Vegetarian Food Manufacturers Zone

  1. County and City government districts

1. Small farms' zone

1. Small farms' zone

2. Souvenirs area

2. Souvenirs exhibition and sale in various counties and cities

  1. Vego Lifestyle Market Area

1. Vegetable snack area

1. Meatless Snack Area

2. Organic Special Sales Area

2. Organic merchandise on sale

  1. Health Care Area

1. Health food area

1. health food

2. Health care products area

2. Health Supplies, Tools

  1. Yoho Vego Lifestyle Area

1. Vego Lifestyle Tourist Area

1. Vegetarian Tourism Activities

2. Vego Lifestyle Cultural and Creative Zone

2. Cultural and creative supplies, cultural and youth public welfare

3. Food and Agriculture Education Zone

3. Food and Agriculture Education Activities Experience

  1. Net Zero Living Area

1. Clean planting area

1. Plant factory, clean energy application

2. Low-carbon promotion area

2. Promotion of concepts such as SDGs